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Hiring a private investigator, bodyguard, or security consultant is something that most of us don't ever think we'll need. But realistically speaking, many people can and will benefit from doing so. If you're in need of a qualified, licensed private investigator in Northern California, Silicon Valley Investigations & Protective Services is the place to turn. As an established private investigation firm, our goal is to help you get answers in an effective, discreet, and economical fashion.

Professional, Competent, and Compassionate Services
At Silicon Valley Investigations & Protective Services, we understand your desire for privacy and the highest level of discretion your investigation, protection, and security consulting services need. This is something every investigator, bodyguard, and consultant understands and respects at Silicon Valley Investigations and Protective Services, and we are determined to provide you with the highest level of service in the most discreet means possible.  All of our people have extensive backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, investigations, threat assessment, personal and executive protection, and security consulting.  Silicon Valley Investigations and Protective Services will always serve your needs in a way that strives to give you the utmost confidence in our ability to provide what you are looking for, in a way that demonstrates respects your needs for:

  • Confidentiality,
  • Competence, and
  • Peace of Mind.

Getting the Answers You Deserve
No matter what your reason for hiring us is, one thing you can depend on: we will do our due diligence in providing you with whatever solutions you need and do so in the most professional manner.  Don't risk leaving the integrity, confidence, or security of your personal life, business, and/or family to chance - get your needs met by the experts at Silicon Valley Investigations & Protective Services.

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