A California Licensed Private Investigations Company (PI-17783)

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Competent, Comprehensive & Professional Services

Silicon Valley Investigations and Protective Services (SVIPS) is a full-service private investigations and security consulting company, serving private, business, and government clients worldwide since 1991.

Our staff consists of highly trained, experienced and seasoned professionals, with over 100 years of combined investigative experience in federal, state, municipal, and military law enforcement agencies. Our expertise in conducting infidelity, fraud, criminal, civil, and employee integrity investigations, domestically and internationally, is second to none.

SVI has always taken on every client's case with one caveat in mind - to deliver the most professional, competent, and complete investigative and consulting services available. 

Whether you are a private citizen, corporate officer or small business owner, or an attorney, no client or assignment is ever considered too big or too small, no case too simple or complex. 

As a client of SVIPS, you can expect nothing less than the highest levels of integrity, discretion, and performance excellence.  Protecting your identity and reputation is our goal, and we will treat you at all times with the utmost dignity, respect, and consideration.  With SVIPS, you can be confident in our ability to perform our work in a discreet and respectful manner.

SVIPS is here to serve your every need and we look forward to working with you to restore your peace of mind.

Silicon Valley Investigations is a proud member of the 
California Association of Licensed Investigators & Professional Investigators of California.


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