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Silicon VSilicon Valley Investigations and Protective Services (SVIPS) is a full-service private investigations and security consulting company serving private interests, businesses, and governments clients worldwide since 1991.  Headquartered in Silicon Valley, SVIPS specializes in corporate disputes, fraud, criminal activity and civil investigations in San Jose, CA, including local, personal cases, international commercial disputes and everything in between.

SVIPS consists of highly trained professionals with over 100 years of combined investigative experience in federal, state, municipal, and military law enforcement agencies.  SVIPS investigators examine cases of infidelity, fraud, criminal liability, employee integrity and many other activities that may threaten your home or your business.  Whether you are a private citizen, attorney, corporate officer or small business owner, no client or assignment is ever considered too big or too small.  Each investigation is conducted thoroughly with the highest level of professionalism and discretion, giving you evidence to support further action without disrupting your current routine.

SVIPS is ready to examine any civil or criminal case, and restore your peace of mind.  To learn more about enlisting the help of a private investigator for criminal and fraud investigations in San Jose, CA, contact SVIPS.  

A California Licensed Private Investigations Company (PI-28744)

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